The practice of wearing nose pins and nose rings are age old and ancient. Sometimes, we see that the old fashion and trend often repeats itself. Nose piercing practice is one proof for this concept.

There are many places where we find that nose piercing had been an integral part of the cultural or even religious expression. This has led to an evolution and style diversity in the jewellery we wear after piercing our nose. This is why today we have so many varieties in the nose pins or nose rings or nose jewellery.

Some interesting facts on Nose jewellery

  • The Beber and Beja tribes of Africa pierced their noses to wear a nose ring, not because they liked the ornament or because they thought it was fashionable. They wore nose rings to show off their wealth.
  • According to the Berber and Beja tribes, the nose ring’s size mattered the most. The larger the size of the ring, the wealthier the person wearing it and his family was understood to be.
  • Ancient Indian science of medicine and treatment from native herbs, the Ayurveda recommends nose pins for women because according to it, it is believed to help reduce the pain a woman goes through during childbirth and mensural bleeding.
  • In some parts of India, the brides’ costumes and jewellery is never complete without wearing a large beautifully embellished nose ring.
  • It is even believed that a nose sometimes acts as an alternative for a wedding ring.

Types of nose jewellery (Nose pins, rings etc.)

  • Fish tail nose ring
  • Captive bead nose ring
  • Hoop nose ring
  • Gemstone nose pin
  • Labret nose pin
  • L shaped nose ring
  • Nose bone ring
  • Nose stud
  • Nostril screw nose ring
  • Septum clickers

Top reasons why people wear a nose ring

There are many reasons why people love to get their nose pierced and want to wear a piece of jewellery there, despite the pain it may cause.

The first and foremost reason would be because people think it is very trendy. They consider that wearing a nose pin will be a bold expression of their style. Something it adds beauty to their face. Nose rings are also part of their culture in many families and villages. Some choose to wear a nose pin for its medical advantages it is said to give us.

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