Festivals are a time-honored way to gather and celebrate a season, a place, a person, a cause, or an important thing. Modern festivals typically involve vendors who sell different kinds of goods, food trucks, live entertainment, and kid’s activities. People love to shop, mingle, eat, and explore, and the sense of community festivals create is unparalleled. Some of the best festivals in Georgia happen in June, when everyone’s getting excited for school to let out so the whole family can have fun together. Keep reading to learn about some of the Peach State’s greatest festivals to kickstart your summer, and why attending them is so important.

Festivals are the perfect place to meet the farmers who grow your food and the artisans who still make a living by creating goods by hand. The Made in Georgia Festival features 100 vendors, and everything offered is made, grown, or inspired by the Peach State. Supporting local businesses is key for sustainability and state economy, and you can taste Georgia-grown produce, shop Georgia handicrafts, and find something to suit any taste. This festival takes place at the end of June, and if you have Georgia on your mind like Ray Charles did, stop on by!

While peaches are synonymous with Georgia, the blueberry is one of its most famous crops. The locally-run Georgia Blueberry Festival kicks off the month of June, and it celebrates the humble fruit that has been such a major part of the state’s history and agricultural economy. If you love blueberry pie, blueberry cobbler, blueberry pancakes, and the like, you’ll love this event. It’s a great way to show kids the importance of farmers in society while enjoying the sweet fruits of their labor.

The Honeybee Festival of LaFayette, GA works to honor and protect the honeybee, whose pollination is essential to agriculture as well as life across the planet. Honey is a healthy alternative sweetener to sugar, and it’s the only food that never spoils! On a bittersweet note, bees are dying in alarming numbers, and the world needs beekeepers and people who support them. Those interested in helping the environment, getting into apiary practices, and the benefits of bee products like honey should attend for a day of food, fun, and live music.

That’s just a sampling of the best festivals in Georgia. With year-round fine weather and so much bounty, you’re sure to find something in the Peach State that piques your interest. Start planning your festival-going season now with a quick online search so you can enjoy this wonderful tradition.