Children eagerly wait for their birthday parties. It sometimes becomes quite difficult for parents to plan the kind of birthday party celebration that would woo their kid. Every child loves trampoline. They are one of the best ways to make a birthday party celebration.

If you are considering to include a trampoline in the birthday celebration of your child, then here are a few tips for successful execution of the plan.

Bounce ‘n’ balloons

In this party idea, you will need a summer-friendly vuly tent accessory. Fill it to the top with vibrant colored balloons. Vuly tent provides better air circulation as compared to a normal jumping castle. It also ensures the safety of guests in an enclosed space while enjoying playing some wonderful games.

Blow up some balloons with helium and some with air. Don’t overfill them. Having their own Vuly Balloon Jumping Castle will excite kids more than anything else. Zero Gravity MN is one of the best firms that provide trampoline birthday party packages for a variety of events.

Raining streamers

This is an ideal birthday party idea for your children. Fit the roof of your Vuly tent with colorful, and dangling streamers. They will not be just fun, but also safe. These streamers add lively add-ons to the party when playing games on the “HexVex Game Mat”. Throw a few streamers outside of the roof to make a captivating center of attraction of the party.

Make an aim

Load up a few water guns. Get the birthday girl/boy into the trampoline to perform some playful target practice. Now select three guests. Make them stand at different sides of the trampoline. The birthday girl/ boy has to aim at these guests to make them wet as much as possible. On the other hand, these guests have to make efforts to keep themselves dry.

Take care that the little guests do not jump and bounce on the trampoline when it is wet. Overlooking this safety guideline can cause them injury. Also, ensure that you properly dry the trampoline with a clean dry cloth after the game is over.

Piñata zone

Fit the Vuly tent with all the necessary tent accessories. Attach a soft pinata off the center and to the inside of the tent. Now, send the player in the tent. The flexible and robust enclosure of the Vuly tent implies that player can be blindfolded and swing in the safest environment.

As the goodies will pool at the feet of the swinger, it implies minimum cleaning and maximum rewards for the winning player. Ensure that while you play this game, there are no sharp edges in the piñata baton. This is to avoid any wear and tear of the Vuly’s net.


Birthday is one of the most cherished memories of a child. Organizing a birthday party with a trampoline in these interesting ways will definitely create moments to relish forever. All these top birthday party ideas assure you of creating some truly magical moments for your children.