It is important to never drink and drive. Drinking under the influence of intoxication is one of the major mistakes that you must never commit. There are severe charges for this punishable offense. In this article, we are telling you a few mistakes that you should avoid during a DUI arrest.

Being Rude

Do not be discourteous to police officers. It would invite the cops to book you right away, and put you behind the bars. This will make the situation more troublesome as you face DUI charges. GoodMan Criminal Lawyers is a leading DUI lawyer firm in Las Vegas.

Talking a lot

A police officer will ask you a lot of questions regarding the case. It is advised to keep the answers short to just a Yes or No. It is better to don’t explain and provide a short answer. Cops will work their way to collect evidence to use it against you. It can be finding slurred speech, bloodshot in the eyes that are the signs of intoxication.

Engaging in arguments

Do not ever get into an argument with the police officer. It is not good for your case. You should not indulge in any argument when you do not have sound knowledge about it. You can’t win over them. So, the best thing is to keep your mouth shut.

Offering a bribe

Never dare to offer a bribe to police officers. It can backfire you. It can be the most futile practice that you can think will stop the proceedings of the case. If you are unlucky, you can be arrested under the bribery case, too.

Trying to run from the scene

If you choose to run from the case, it will project you as a defaulter. You will be seen as someone who has broken the rules.

Make quick movements

Police officers are highly trained to guard at all times under all situations. Ensure you do not make any quick movements that can make them believe you are reaching for a weapon.

Speaking lies

This is another common mistake that people do when arrested for a DUI case. They do not tell the truth. Police officers are very shrewd to detect whether you are lying to them or telling the truth. It will aggravate the case and will ultimately hurt your case.

Not asking for professional assistance

Another big mistake that drunk drivers make is that they never reach out to a lawyer and take their assistance. They should know that a qualified and highly experienced DUI attorney can do several things to assist you.

Hiring a Dui lawyer is the best thing that you can do when faced with a DUI accident. He will assist you in navigating through the requirements and laws pertaining to your state. This will help you to sail through the procedure as soon as possible.


Never drive when you are intoxicated. Your little awareness would save you from the repercussions of getting accused and facing hefty penalties and charges under a DUI case. If you commit this crime, then avoid doing these silly mistakes as it can worsen your condition.

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