Today, roads play a very important role in increasing the mobility not only for people but also for various goods and services.

Road surfaces made out of asphalt can offer a number of benefits, which include cost efficiency, comfort and noise pollution reduction as well.

Sealtek is one of the well-known suppliers of asphalt and in this write up we will discuss about various benefits of using asphalt.

1. Asphalt is smooth and comfortable

Roads constructed by using asphalt will be quite smooth to drive vehicle without producing any kind of noise. Such features will be quite useful for airports too.

Runways as well as taxiways made by using asphalt will mean safe for landing as well as take offs, as this kind of surfaces can be maintained much easily and smoothly.

2. Asphalt is cost-efficient

Initial costs by using asphalt will be low, will last longer, and because of its recyclability, it will have residual value much greater than any other pavement.

Reclaimed asphalt will contain a lot of bitumen, and their reusing and reheating is simple. Therefore, reusing reclaimed asphalt can offer considerable savings.

3. Asphalt is safe

Latest asphalt technology can ensure rapid drainage and dispersal of surface water, therefore, improves visibility for driver in wet conditions.

Due to its porous property it can minimize blinding spray and also reduce the aquaplaning risks and increase visibility of various road markings.

4. Asphalt is durable

In order to bear the main load just above unbound granular layer often asphalt pavements are built by using thick base courses. After that an intermediate course is placed which strong-load is bearing over base course.

Its intermediate course will be followed by 30 to 40 mm surface course that can last for 20 years.

5. Asphalt is quite fast to build and also to maintain

Any asphalt pavements will be constructed very fast as asphalt does not need much “cure” time, and motorists can use the roads immediately after last roller leaves construction zone which means fewer delays as well as safer roads for public.

6. Asphalt is 100% reusable

Among the various road construction products, asphalt is most recycled product available and makes asphalt pavements more sustainable. Lesser new bitumen will be needed for making new asphalt pavements.

Also, it is possible to create pavement from 100% reclaimed asphalt.

7. Asphalt is flexible

You can ‘tailor-made’ the asphalt surfaces and can appropriately formulate and design to support all the traffic load as well as climatic conditions of any specific road.

For motorways, suburban, urban and rural roads there are special mix solutions of asphalt and also its flexibility is especially beneficial to cope with stresses of the large loads of traffic on bridges.

8. Asphalt is green pavement

Research clearly shows that recycling asphalt will lower energy cost and also carbon di-oxide emissions significantly.

9. Asphalt can reduce noise

By using asphalt road surfaces, you can significantly reduce the noise both outside and inside the car, helps preventing accidents by reducing stress which contributes to driver’s fatigue.