Uber and lyft accident lawyer comes in handy if a driver or a passenger is involved in an accident while riding on either. The involved parties may be entitled to compensation in regards to their pain, lost wages, medical expenses, among other damages. Uber and lyft have insurance policy plans which differ for the drivers, passengers, and third parties. All the parties need to understand this and have insights on the available insurance plans just in case they are caught up in an accident.

The rules and policies

Uber and lyft are unique and do not have the same policies and considerations as other taxi companies or similar transportation services. They are rideshare apps which use technology to connect drivers and passengers. They are cheap and convenient as well. However, riding using uber and lyft does not guarantee that an accident cannot happen since being on the road comes with risks as well. In such cases, the uber and lyft accident lawyer can help in sorting the case.

With the share ride apps, the drivers are not regarded as employees of the company. They are deemed as contractors, which enables the company to alienate themselves away when the driver or passengers are involved in an accident. It is because they are not liable for the actions taken by independent contractors.

Uber and lyft insurance coverage

Share ride apps have insurance policies. The passengers, as well as the company coverage, comes in a three-part insurance plan. The driver’s activity at the time of the accident determines which cover is to be applied. The basic principles include the following:

Not available

The share ride apps policy does not apply in cases where the driver is running their errands and cannot accept ride requests. The driver, in this case, is covered by their policy cover and it is highly dependent t on the insurance the driver has taken with his or her insurance company.

Available without passengers

In cases where the driver is involved in an accident when they are on the app and ready for ride requests, they use their insurance policy as the primary cover. The share app companies, however, come in and provides additional coverage where the liability injury and property damage of a certain amount upon the request of the driver. Also, it happens when the driver’s insurance company is not able to cover for all the damages.

Available and with passengers

The driver and the passengers are under the liability insurance company in case accidents happened when on the move. If a third party is involved, the share app policy covers them. In cases where the share app company denies coverage, the driver’s insurance company might as well deny the passenger and the deriver the coverage.

Uninsured or underinsured motorists

The share apps have the underinsured and uninsured motorist’s policies which are used in cases where an uninsured driver is involved in an accident.


Seeking the help of an uber and lyft accident lawyer is vital in the event an accident happens. The driver and the passengers should be aware of the basic principles and the policies of the share apps to act accordingly in case of anything.