Anxiety and stress are one of the most common problems among people. According to WHO, 1 person in 13 suffers from anxiety. However, unlike most of the disorders this can be cured. Cannabinoids are the drugs used in such cases. These extracts of cannabis help the person to release their stress and anxiety. One such form of Cannabinoids is CBD.

CBD, what can we expect from it?

CBD refers to cannabidiol. It is used in the treatment of diseases like cancer, arthritis, etc. Without any adverse side effect, addiction or dependence. These are popularly used as CBD Oils and CBD Gummies.

CBD oil v/s gummies!

The CBD oils are extracted from highly selected cannabis having low amount of THC and a high proportion of cannabidiol. Moreover, these oils are used for production of gummies. These CBDs contains some extracts of the medicinal marijuana, keeping in mind about its curative property.

Not only gummies these CBDs can be found in the form of edibles, tinctures, body oils, elixirs,

balms, and many other products.

CBD or THC – Which one of them is present there in your gummy?

In science, CBD, after THC is believed to be the most crucial as well as most studied natural cannabinoid than the rest of 85. CBDs are used over THC in the production of gummies and here are the reasons why.

  1. CBD gives numerous positive effects on both physical and mental health. Moreover, they don’t pose any psychoactive effect.
  2. On the other hand, THC makes the consumer feel ‘high’. This extract of marijuana shows the psychoactive effect absent in case of CBD. Moreover, they develop feeling of hunger, reduced aggression, relaxation, altered senses, as well as sleepiness.

 Benefits of CBDs

 Here are the most common benefits or positive effects of CBDs shown by most of the consumers –

  1. Reduced inflammation, pain, and swelling of people suffering from arthritis.
  2. Relaxes the muscles
  3. Helps in sleeping
  4. Reduces anxiety and depression
  5. Increases sociability
  6. Increase in the level of concentration
  7. Enhances the quality of digestion.
  8. They don’t get you high

 Have you tried any other CBD product?

 The products of CBD vary from oil to balms. Here are the benefits and uses of all those products.

 CBD oil – The oils are taken sublingually. The oil is to be held under the tongue for 5 minutes to let the CBD get absorbed into the blood vessel. It is prescribed to take a dose of 15 to 50 mg.

Edible CBDs – These products range from gummies to peanut butter. More CBDs are available in the form of treats and snacks.

Capsules – They can be taken as a whole or kept under the tongue (by breaking it). taking the whole lets the effect last a bit longer.

Smoke-able and vapes – These are useful for people suffering from acute pains or panic attacks

Topical products – These are the products that can be directly applied to the skin.