Before we go into Holradio.Net’s submission rules, we’ll be honest.

We reject most proposals and submissions. Mostly thanks to good ideas and writing.

It’s not about style and technique, but work and thinking. If you’re sincere about your proposal and know our site and readership, we’ll work with you.

Writers Are Needed

Writing pitches and submissions should offer fresh approaches for authors to approach their work and ideas.

Holradio.Net is a terrific place to acquire experience and reach over 10K monthly readers. Our customers have published top-charting books and viral blog entries after seeing our work.

Credibility Abounds

Our editorial staff will also aid you, so you’re not alone. You’ll get the same writing services that other authors pay for. It’s a terrific perk—don’t take our word for it! Contributor feedback:

Remember These:

  1. Holradio.Net is fussy: We anticipate unique, original, high-quality, and valuable material. Tell us how your article meets these standards if you propose it. Most HOLRADIO.NET posts are 500-1500 words.
  2. Write it, don’t just pitch it! We regard brilliant ideas and writing equally. We need to know you can write well and aren’t just an idea machine. Outlines and rough drafts are helpful.
  3. Titles aren’t pitched: A title isn’t an ad… Titles aren’t pitches. The end. We won’t accept proposals with only a title or theme. You’re rejected.
  4. No pricks: We enjoy grammar-savvy authors (it makes our work simpler), but we HATE arrogant pricks who tell everyone else they’re stupid. While we welcome satirical authors, don’t offend our readers.
  5. Address our readers: We want to let writers maintain their voice, but HOLRADIO.NET pieces should reflect our tone, vision, and audience. We write for professional writers and companies trying to enhance their writing, therefore avoiding freelancing and cheap content marketing. Learn about HOLRADIO.NET style and writing here.
  6. We don’t guarantee backlink kinds: We’ve only accepted one item with a “do-follow” or another call-to-action link. Natural backlinks are fine. Don’t conceal it. We’ll discover it and be furious. Angry, you won’t like us.
  7. You may sell yourself or your stuff. As a HOLRADIO.NET Contributor, you’ll get a comprehensive bio to market yourself and your company. We’re fine with backlinks to a site and a social network.

We Want A Writer

Writing for HOLRADIO.NET isn’t like writing for academics. Our material stimulates writer-reader conversation. Through the years, we’ve built a list of amazing blogger traits. Follow these criteria while writing:

Speaking in the first or second person keeps the tone relaxed and friendly. Your guest post should be like a personal blog.

  • Simplify: Support your points with facts and data, but keep the writing basic and to the point. Shorten paragraphs and use headings.
  • Tell a tale. We write to inform and amuse, therefore tell a story. Keep your posts relevant.
  • Do research: Include your personal experience and thoughts to illustrate why you’re the right person to provide this knowledge. Back it up with research and facts. Explain how your expertise may help others.
  • Start and conclude well: Readers need to know what to expect at the beginning and what they’ve learned at the conclusion. Clarify and concise. But don’t state, “In this article, I’ll show you…” or “In conclusion…” Instead, add intro and concluding paragraphs.
  • We’re searching for audience-focused articles.

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