If you ship out a lot of orders every day, you need an order picker rack that is optimized for your stock-keeping unit (SKU) characteristics and picking procedure. Having a well-designed rack system is essential for running a smooth business. Here we’ll go through some common business requirements and which order Boltless Racking System Malaysia best meets those objectives.

Find out what’s most crucial for your business

It is important to evaluate your business to establish your order picker rack goals before making a purchase. Evaluate the available area, the characteristics of your SKUs, and your current picking procedures. Here are three typical goals for an organization’s order-picking rack setup:

  • Selectivity

The item’s selectivity indicates how simple it is to access the pick face. More faces mean more discerning choices. The efficiency of your operation is closely related to your ability to be selective. To handle an increase in the number of pickers working on a particular stock-keeping unit (SKU), for instance, additional pick faces would be required. In this case, increased selectivity is useful for easing bottlenecks. The amount of pallets you have for each SKU can also play a role in how discerning you need to be. When you are limited to one pallet for each stock-keeping unit (SKU), for instance, you’ll need a pick block for each SKU. You should avoid having to relocate an SKU only to get to another one. Picking racks with great selectivity, such as the normal selective rack, can help you avoid this jam from occurring.  

  • Density

Storage density refers to the number of pallet positions or the number of cases that can be stored in a given area of your warehouse. Selecting an order picker stack system that makes full use of available warehouse square footage is essential for attaining high storage densities. Providing space for future or present population expansion is a primary incentive for pursuing higher densities. Investing in a high-density order pickup rack system can help you put off the need to relocate to a new building. Rather than starting again in a new building, it makes more sense to invest in increasing storage density. If you have many containers of the same SKU, density may be more important than selectivity. High-density rack systems, such as drive-in racking, are ideal for situations in which a large quantity of a slow-moving SKU must be stored. In this situation, being selective is not essential.

  • The Flow of Products

Depending on the specifics of your SKU, you may need to reorder the features of your Storage Racks Malaysia system. The most important thing, for instance, is an order-picking rack system that keeps perishable goods from getting old before their expiration dates. FIFO, or first-in, first-out, & last-in, first-out (also called LIFO are the two product flow options provided by rack systems. It is a common practice in inventory management to remove the most recently added items from a storage system. This is perfect for businesses that keep items with short shelf lives or high turnover rates in inventory. When removing items from a storage rack, the most recently added items are taken out first using the last-in, first-out method of inventory management. Non-perishables, things with lengthy shelf life, or massive amounts of identical items are perfect candidates for this type of storage.