Suppose you like manufacturing candles for decorating your house, giving them to people as presents or selling them to others. In that case, you are always seeking new components that will make your candles even more attractive. Mica powder is one example of an aesthetic element that may be added to your candles to make them seem better. While most people concentrate on the fragrance components, there are other components, such as these, that can be used to improve the appearance for your candles. Continue reading if you want to discover some useful techniques for employing mica powder in manufacturing candles.

Consider When It Is Appropriate To Make Use Of Mica

Determining when in the process of candle making you want to use mica powder is one aspect of employing it. Mica powder adds a shimmering effect to the finished product. You can incorporate the powder into the liquid wax while mixing the other components or do it after the wax has already solidified. In each case, the gorgeous color and luster of the mica will be displayed, but the impact of the two approaches will be quite distinct.

What Role Does Mica Play In The Melting Process?

If you decide that you want to utilize mica powder when you are melting and pouring your candles, there is a precise moment that you need to add it. If you do not apply it now, the powder will not mix properly. To begin, in the same manner, you would typically do, melt the candle base while mixing it until it is completely liquid. After that, if you use candle color, you should stir in the dye until it is completely incorporated into the wax. Last but not least, add the powdered mica in the quantity that you find appropriate. A decent rule of thumb is to use 1/16 of a teaspoon for every 16 fluid ounces of the base; however, you are free to add more or less depending on your preferences. Before you pour the mixture into your chosen container, ensure that the base has been thoroughly mixed with any additional perfumes or other additions.

An important thing to remember is that mica powder has the propensity to cling to cotton wicks. Take precautions against this issue by utilizing hardwood wicks whenever it is possible to do so.

How To Repurpose The Mica After It Has Been Melted

You can add mica on the top of your finished candle if you don’t want it to be distributed evenly throughout the candle but still want to experience its aesthetic impacts during the first few burns. You may apply the powder to the top of your candle with your finger because mica is natural and does not cause skin irritation; however, you can use a paintbrush or a cosmetics brush to apply the powder if you want to create less of a mess. If you want the same effects with your wax melts, dust the interior of your silicone mould with mica powder using either your finger or a brush. This will give you the same results.

Important to Remember: Mica powder can be removed from skin and brushes using only water and soap. Thus any method of application is perfectly safe.

The essential things to remember while using mica powder in your candle making are determining when you want to use it and understanding how to utilize it properly at each step. You have arrived at correct location if you are interested in using mica powder in your candles in some capacity. For further information contact us at