IQOS is a brand-new type of heated cigarette. The new tobacco product IQOS was recently approved to be sold. This has sparked concerns about introducing another nicotine delivery device to the American market at a time of rising teenage smoking habits.

The electronic devices that heat tobacco leaves to produce an inhalable aerosol are heat-not-burn tobacco products or heated tobacco products. Heated tobacco products can also be called heat-not-burn products.

The Food and Drug Administration has classified IQOS as a cigarette despite being an electronic device. The FDA has classified IQOS as a cigarette, and the product is subjected to the same regulations as normal cigarettes. These products are safer than cigarettes. However, there is still much information about the devices and their effects.

Here are the most important facts about iqos iluma.

  1. IQOS Uses A Different Technology Than E-Cigarettes

Do you ask what the difference between IQOS and other electronic cigarette brands is?

Heat-not-burn products are distinguished by the use of real tobacco rather than the flavored liquid found in electronic cigarettes. Heat-not-burn is a way to give consumers a similar experience to smoking traditional cigarettes, but without inhaling combusted tobacco.

  1. The FDA Still Needs To Give Its Approval To The Products

Does the FDA legally recognize IQOS?

The FDA indicated that it allowed tobacco products to be sold, but this does not mean that the FDA has approved the products.

The FDA sought two regulatory approvals from the firm. The first was to market the product as a novel product and the second was to market the product as less harmful than existing tobacco products (known as a Modified Risk Tobacco Product (or approval). The FDA’s decision applies to the pre-market clearance application. The FDA has yet to decide if the product can be promoted as less dangerous than other tobacco.

  1. Evidence That Heated Tobacco Products Are Safer Than Cigarettes

Is IQOS healthier than using smoking cigarettes?

More than 7,000 compounds are created when tobacco smoke is combusted or burned. Because heat-not-burn products do not produce these chemicals, tobacco makers claim they are safer than cigarettes.

Experts claims that IQOS is safer than smoking cigarettes. Research shows that IQOS may have lower levels of certain toxicants than cigarettes, but users could still be exposed to them by using them. Using IQOS can reduce a person’s risk of developing certain diseases and increase their chances of getting others.

Research shows that less harmful substances do not always mean lower levels of harm when people use the product. Furthermore, promises about reduced exposure to harmful substances are often misinterpreted as claims regarding decreased harm.

  1. The Menthol Flavor Of The Tobacco Cartridges

Are there other types of IQOS?

We will offer Heat Sticks, which are miniature cigarette-shaped rolls of tobacco. These rolls will be flavored with menthol. This flavor is attractive to younger smokers and makes it difficult to quit smoking cigarettes. The FDA did not receive any information from the firm regarding the effects of the menthol variant on the product’s appeal, toxicity, and other health implications.

  1. Industry As A Whole Is Working To Meet The Stricter Regulations

Tobacco Control’s commentary states that tobacco companies are trying to undermine government regulation. They use harm reduction claims to reframe the industry as part of the solution rather than as a problem. This is done to bypass the government’s authority in the industry.

Heated tobacco product is the latest attempt by tobacco companies to adapt to a changing regulatory environment to maintain and grow their customer base amid declining acceptance of tobacco. “Companies promote heated tobacco products to increase social acceptability for all their tobacco products, but restrictions are missing, or loopholes exempt from current regulations.