Doctors prescribe medical marijuana or cannabinoids. This is cannabis that’s used to treat certain conditions. It is available to patients of all ages.

Can You Get an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card?

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card is open to both adult and child residents of Oklahoma who suffer from various conditions. To apply for your OMMA certificate, you must turn 18 years old.

There are two kinds of OMMA cards that are issued based on medical advice. A standard OMMA certificate lasts for 2 years. A 60-day temporary license is also available if your doctor recommends short-term medical cannabis use.

A caregiver OMMA Card can also be requested by patients. A caregiver’s certificate can be requested by your doctor for patients who are unable to self-medicate or purchase marijuana.

An approved caregiver may grow and purchase marijuana products for the patient’s benefit. The caregiver’s permit is tied to the patient.

OMMA cards aren’t available for residents from any other state. Only people who are holders of a valid medical marijuana card in their state can legally buy and consume medical cannabis.

OMMA/Car Application Process

Even though Oklahoma’s laws concerning medical marijuana may seem more relaxed than those of other states in comparison, you still need to follow a process to receive an OMMA card. Here are the steps

1. Ask Your Doctor for His Approval

Oklahoma does not restrict medical cannabis use for certain conditions. However, an OMMA car application requires a doctor’s approval. You can ask your doctor for recommendations on medical marijuana, or consult a doctor with specialized knowledge in medical cannabis evaluations.

2. Apply Online

To begin the process of getting an OMMA card, you must create an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Account. Each individual who is applying for an OMMA Card must have a separate account. Additionally, you will need your own email address.

Online applications for Oklahoma medical cards are mandatory. There are different applications that can be used for adult, minor, or caregiver patients. Also, your referring physician must complete and sign the special form.

3. Documentation of Proof of Eligibility

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card will require you to submit additional documentation to support your recommendation from your doctor.

Be Sure To Show Proof of Eligibility:

Three things are required for proof of eligibility: Proof of identity, residency, and physician authorization. Failure to meet any of these requirements could result in your OMMA request being rejected.

Valid Oklahoma drivers or state ID cards, voter registration cards, or Tribal IDs can all be used as proof of identity.

Oklahoma’s valid driver’s permit or id is sufficient to prove Oklahoma residency. You may also use an Oklahoma residence property deed (or rental agreement) or your last monthly utility bill to prove your Oklahoma residency.

4. Your OMMA Card Will Be Sent To You

OMMA should issue a verification email to you within two working days of your OMMA submission. If you do not receive the email verification, please contact the OMMA telephone number.

If you are missing any information from your application, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority could send you an extra email. The state will quickly process your OMMA applications if you notify them promptly.