With the weather warming up, summer’s sweltering heat is just around the horizon. If you’re searching for a means to cool things down, an evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, might be an excellent option. They not only help you beat the heat, but they also have other advantages you may not be aware of.

Let’s take a deeper look at these eco-friendly, multi-purpose cooling units.

Evaporative Swamp Coolers: How Do They Work?

Thick, inflexible media pads are soaked with water from a reservoir or a garden hose, and a strong fan draws in hot, dry air, which is then passed through the media pads. Cooled and refreshed air is subsequently circulated into the surrounding air, lowering temperatures by up to 20-25 degrees. This article contains further information regarding the cooling process as well as a side table.

Bugs Are Kept At Bay By Swamp Coolers

Summer brings out the insects, along with the warmer weather. This is not a welcome addition to outdoor activities! An outdoor-rated evaporative coolers strong fan may deliver up to 11,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow, sweeping away mosquitoes from outdoor tables, deck chairs, and poolside lounges.

Evaporative Coolers Are Used To Redirect Smoke

Summertime barbeques and cookouts are popular, but the smoke from a grill may be bothersome, especially when the wind is blowing. You may use the airflow of a swamp cooler to deflect the smoke away from your family and friends! Because many of these adaptable devices can be operated as fans, their strong airflow may clear campfire or fire pit smoke away from populated areas even in the fall.

Swamp Coolers Are Used To Refresh Stale, Dry Air

An evaporative cooler not only keeps the temperature down but also adds moisture to the air, which is useful if you live in a dry, hot area like the Southwest. Because they use water, the air from the cooler has moisture, making it seem both fresh and cool—almost like being next to a waterfall. An evaporative cooler, not to be confused with misting fans, adds moisture to the air before it exits the cooler, so it doesn’t spray mist and you don’t have to worry about water droplets covering you or your furnishings. This dampness also has the added benefit of collecting pollen when the cooler air flows through the surrounding environment, whether you’re outside or indoors.

Keep Your Pets Cool As Well

When you need to be away from home for an extended period and your pet must remain at home, an evaporative cooler can save your life. It will offer continual cooling for indoor pets or pets in runs, hutches, or other enclosed outdoor places when linked to a garden hose as the water source. Swamp coolers are perfect for kennels, veterinary offices, and other areas where our four-legged friends dwell.

Evaporative Coolers Also Function As Powerful Fans

The “Fan-only” mode on many heavy-duty evaporative coolers with high CFMs allows them to be utilized without water. This converts them into high-velocity fans capable of circulating air across enormous un-cooled commercial facilities such as garages, warehouses, garden supply stores, and flea markets, to mention a few. Most have oscillating louvers to spread airflow over a larger area, keeping workers and customers comfortable and bugs at bay.