Curvy females on Team Front Close swear by the simplicity, comfort, and variety of their preferred front-closure bras. On team Back Close, we have all the full-figured ladies who have sworn off any type of front-open bra, fearful of wardrobe mishaps due to faulty clasps. Here’s everything you need to know about both so you can bring your A-game regardless of whose team you’re on.

3 Benefits Of Team Front-Close Bras

Front-hook Elomi Bras Australia for plus-size women are becoming increasingly popular as a vital wardrobe essential, whether for ease of access or more diverse neckline options. Still not convinced? Consider the following:

  1. Front Hooks Are Easier To Apply

If you’ve ever battled to get that rear hook-and-eye closure to work or gotten trapped mid-twist attempting to squirm out of a pullover bra, you’ll appreciate how useful front-open bras are for every cup size. But, especially for those of us with larger chests or shoulder mobility difficulties, plus-size front-open bras make things simpler.

  1. They Expand Your Wardrobe Options

Bring out those plunging-V necklines and racerback tanks! Because front-clasp bras often have lower centre panels, they are less likely to show beneath lower necklines. Because the closure is at the front, you may choose bras with additional back options, such as racerbacks, T-backs, or all-over lace backs.

  1. Front-Closure Bras Are More Smooth In The Back

Front-clasp bras give a smoother profile with fewer lines or bumps, which is essential when wearing clinging or form-fitting materials. Furthermore, because they don’t have hook-and-eye hardware in the back, they can be more pleasant against the skin, especially if you’re resting on a chair with a firm back all day.

3 Benefits Of Team Black-Close Bras

For most women, black-close bras are the standard choice. For good reason, their tried-and-true support and flexibility put them on continual rotation in curvy women’s closets.

  1. They Provide More Centre Assistance

Back-close bras often have a higher and sturdier centre gore, which provides a little more support and separation for your ladies upfront. Plus, there’s less of the will-my-clasp-come-undone anxiety that sometimes accompanies front-close bras (particularly if they don’t fit properly).

  1. They Are Usually More Adaptable

Many plus-size bras with front closures have only one clasp, which means you can’t modify the fit as easily as you would with a rear hook-and-eye closure with various settings. Several front-close bras, such as The Front Close Wire-Free Support Bra and All-Around Support Cushioned Bra, do, however, include adjustable front closures since we prefer to be ahead of the curve.

  1. They Often Have A Longer Lifespan

Back-close bras adapt to your band size over time since they contain several hook-and-eye settings — even if the bra extends from normal use and washing. Because it can’t adapt to compensate for stretch, you’ll have to replace your front-clasp bra more regularly, and if your band is too loose, the bra loses its support.

Both Should Be Included In A Winning Wardrobe

We believe you should play both sides of the fit is correct and the quality is even higher. Front-closure support bras and back-closure bras work together to form the ultimate wardrobe winning team.