A walk-off matting program is something that is in great demand today for preventing the entry of debris and other such unwanted entry to the house or a commercial building. These mats will not only avoid entry of unwanted guests, but will also serve as the padding area in the risky zones.

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Walk-off Entrance Matting Program 

This program is undertaken in three different phases.

  1. Phase-1

Phase-1 is the installation of heavy-duty scraper mats at the entrance area of your house. These mats are designed with the right material and they can help you with scraping off all remnants of water and heavy soil from your shoe sole. This is the first step of making sure that there is no unwanted entry of the dirt and dust particles inside your house.

  1. Phase-2 

The second phase of this program is the installation of the scraper mat at the inside area very close to the entrance door. These mats will be knob-shaped and are best suited for scraping off the remaining dirt and mud particles from your shoes before you enter any premises.

  1. Phase-3 

In the last phase of the walk-off matting program, a scraper or a dryer mat will be installed onto the surfaces that experience heavy traffic in any place. This is to make sure that there is no accumulation of any kind of puddle or moisture on the floor surface, which can then lead to the accidental tripping and falling of people walking on such areas.

With the idea of 3 phase walk-off matting program, you can stay assured about the fact that there is removal of more than 98% of dirt, debris, mud, and other such particles from every pair of shoes that enter any premises.

Renting the walk-off entrance matting system has many benefits to offer to your building. Some are listed below.

  • Lower Initial Cost 

Without spending more from your pocket, you can install the walk-off matting program in your home. You need not worry about any flow of money as the capital expenditure and can safeguard your premise from the entry of dangerous pests.

  • Planned Upgrade Cycles 

Leasing is a way of making businesses experience the idea of obsolescence. The best way of making sure that your money is spent well is by focusing on the regular maintenance of the matting.

  • Flexibility in the Payment Terms 

When it comes to loans, there are higher chances of credit requirements. This is not the case in renting the mats, because it has less-stringent credit requirements. If you have not maintained the best credit score, then renting is an ideal choice.

You can make a list of many such benefits of choosing the rental matting options over the fresh installations. Know them in detail and make a wise choice.