Blocked drains are always painful and can be very unpleasant. This sometimes could be a minor issue. Yet as it can occur often, it is definitely very annoying. Even worse would be the situation when it is not a minor block. This could lead to a lot of difficulty in our routine lives.

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What is CCTV drain camera inspection and what do they do?

This is a process of using a high end closed circuit television system (CCTV) to look into the pipelines using the cameras. These cameras are sent into your pipelines to scan the interiors of your pipelines and it shows the condition in a screen that is kept outside. This is how your insides of your drain systems can be inspected.

When you may need a CCTV drain camera inspection?

We all do several things to keep clear and regularly maintain our drains and pipelines, a periodic drain inspection using the CCTV could be helpful. This helps in maintaining the good shape and health of our drains, predict upcoming drain related issues and help prevent damages in the drain system.

But there are certain times when a CCTV drain inspection is absolutely recommended. They are

  • When your sink is suddenly blocked severely or even a mild block.
  • When you hear strange sounds from your drain ways.
  • After a few years of building your home and using your existing pipelines and drainage system.
  • When you are planning to move into a new house or wanting to buy a new house and you want to determine what condition the drainage system is in.

Why is performing CCTV camera inspections of your drains recommended?

When you are facing the issue of blocked drainage, sometimes no matter whatever cleaning and clearing measures you take, it would not find the exact issue or fix the blockages. In such a time, performing a CCTV inspection of your drains would clearly find what exactly is the issue and then working out a solution for the same becomes easier.

Another important use of such inspections could be in predicting a drainage issue or any development of damages in the system. This helps us to be preventive even before any issues arise avoiding all the unpleasant experiences.

The CCTV inspection of your drains is highly recommended because it is very quick and a mess free diagnostic tool for finding and in turn speeding up the fixing of any type of drain issues. The accuracy of the diagnosis is also very high as we get to see through the cameras exactly what is wrong inside.

Fixing drains have revolutionized with the introduction of this technique.