Now that you have your driving license, you can finally drive a car on your own. However, you are still new to driving and there are some situations that you might not have experienced. Learning to drive a car is an ongoing process. Here are few mistakes that you should avoid while you are still trying to build your experience as a new driver.

Mistakes That You Should Avoid

  • Misreading Road

Road signs are generally placed on main routes to inform you about any sharp turns or unexpected road features like gravels or dugs. In rural areas, you will find such signs much less frequently. You might misread the road during the night. For instance, there can be an optical illusion that this road will go the right when it actually goes toward the left. You may also misread the sharp corners and carry too much speed. It is easy to misread the roads during uncommon weather events. For instance, you cannot see black ice but it’s extremely slippery. The sun might not reach sheltered areas and roads might still be slippery on frosty mornings.

  • Speed

You can easily speed in modern cars. These cars are refined in a way that you can barely hear engines at 100kph. In new drivers, speeding plays role in almost one-third of the accidents. It is high since new driver lacks the knowledge of how soon you are supposed to push the brakes when faced with a panicked situation. Even if your reflexes are fast, it might take you some time to stop if you are speeding. To avoid any accidents, choose the safe way and leave earlier to avoid any urge to speed later. You should check out website of Pass First Go to give yourself the excellent head start for driving lessons. They offer fast online bookings for driving lessons Hillside so that you can choose to start your lessons anytime, anywhere.

  • Getting Distracted

Distractions can come in many forms on road. Anything that takes your eyes off the road is a distraction. This includes your friends in car, pets or children, pedestrians or your mobile phone. Some people try to text while driving, putting makeup in a rearview mirror and even trying to get dressed.  Most of these are self-imposed and hence preventable. Take control of your surroundings and get rid of anything that distracts you from road. Because if you are doing something other than driving, you are basically putting your and everyone else’s life on road at risk.

  • Driving Tired

Tiredness can dull your reflexes and make you fall sleep behind the wheel. Every driver needs to make correction at every one to two seconds to keep vehicle on road. Even if you fall asleep for a few seconds, you can most certainly go off the road. The only way to prevent any accidents is to stop and take a break preferably with a nap of 10-15 minutes.


You should learn to be safe from start and keep these mistakes in mind before going behind the wheel.