As per the data available from National Fibromyalgia Association, almost 10 million people of America are suffering from chronic pain which is called Fibromyalgia.

This kind of pain is associated with aches, stiffness, tender areas, exhaustion and often sleep problems too.

According to medical scientists, patients may be suffering from increased sensitivity and as a result, they experience pain that may vary from person to person. This can also become severe due to stress.

Few drugs were tried by doctors that focusses on pain and sleeping problems and also address about serotonin imbalance issue, which can be a reason for this problem. However, many patients get terrible side effects from all these drugs.

However, few patients were found to be responding well with CBD obtained from tienda de CBD (means in English CBD store).

Can CBD oil work to treat fibromyalgia?

CBD oil has not yet been approved by FDA for treating fibromyalgia however, researchers have continued with their research and they suggest that there may be therapeutic effects available from CBD oil.

First let us look at various research done with CBD about pain and sleep, which are 2 major symptoms that make life of many fibromyalgia patients miserable. Then we shall see further about CBD and particularly about fibromyalgia.

  • Research on pain

Researchers have studied mostly on the areas of CBD, how it can act along with our natural endocannabinoid system for reducing pain and inflammation.

As a matter of fact, empirical findings about various studies about the CBD oil associated with pain are robust.

For keeping this report more concise and also focused on Fibromyalgia, we may refer to full research report published by many researchers about science behind pain management and cannabinoids.

  • Research on sleep

Besides pain, problems of not getting quality sleep is a common problem with FM sufferers. CBD may help few people to achieve better sleep and also having few pain management properties.

As an example, Sativex is cannabis-based drug, which includes THC and CBD in 1:1 ratio has shown improvement in sleeping pattern of patients when it was prescribed for other conditions.

Few limited studies have demonstrated few signs that the CBD oil may help getting sound sleep in patients suffering from PTSD.

Also, CBD is wake-inducing agent for some people and hence further research between sleep and CBD will be still needed.

From various reports from people who use CBD will suggest that there exist lot of variance about how CBD can affect sleep.

Few people find results with dosing with CBD before going to bed while others avoid before bedtime, as it has the opposite effect.

  • Research on fibromyalgia

So far whatever research is done on the analgesic effects of CBD are relatively well studied, but the research which deals specifically for Fibromyalgia with CBD oil still remains underdeveloped.


Fibromyalgia is a kind of chronic illness, and perhaps only CBD may not cure it. Their symptoms too vary with time however, many having such condition often find that with experimentation and combination of therapies can help in managing the symptoms.

In most cases, CBD can work best when it is combined with few medications and changed lifestyle. It will be necessary to do further experiment by using varied treatment strategies.