Replacement of roof can be a very expensive project for every family. Therefore, while considering replacement of their roof with slate roof, every homeowner may have plenty of questions in their mind.

NSW Slate Roofing is providing the option of using slate material as an option about which most of the people are not too familiar. However, slate roofing can be a very good option to get a durable roof.

Following are few questions that may come in the mind of any homeowner, while choosing slate material as an option for their roofing material. We have tried to provide their answers.

  1. What are various colour and style options available for slate roofing?

You will get slate roofing with many different styles that ranging from graduated to textural patterns and many different mixed colours too.

Two most common styles that you can find will be either standard pattern or random width style. Besides style, slate roofing can also have different textures from very smooth to very tough or rustic too.

  1. How much life span can we expect from slate roofing?

Essentially slate is a kind of rock, which is derived from shale-type sedimentary rock that is composed of clay/volcanic ash and also through low-grade type of regional metamorphism. Hence, this roofing material can be million years old.

Therefore, slate is very durable and can even last for several hundred years, with very little maintenance. We can safely say that it will last for 75 – 100 years.

2. What kind of benefits that we can obtain from slate roofing against shingle roofing?

For many homeowners, it can be one-time replacement in their whole life, as it is also known as “forever roof”. Also, if you install slate roof then resale value of the house will also increase.

Besides that, it can also offer very attractive architectural style which can be maintained for many long years. Also, it is fire resistant, mould resistant and offers resistance against frost and rain too.

3. What kind of preparation needed for alate roofing?

Being a heavy product slate will add an additional weight to your roof. In case your home has insufficient structural stability then before installation, you must get your roof inspected by an engineer.

This can make sure that your roof will be able to hold the roof weight with slate roofing.

4. How much price difference will be there in comparison with shingle roofing?

Surely slate can be a bit expensive product and hence it can be 2 to 3 times more expensive as compared to shingle roof.

Your project cost may increase if your roof size is very large.

5. Can we repair these slate roofing’s?

Any time you like, you can always repair your slate roofing. However, it is essential that you must hire any licensed roofing contractor, who will first examine your existing roof for estimating the exact expenditure that you need for repairing.

The repair is quite simple if any part of the roof is damaged, as slate can be replaced by just sliding a new piece.

Also, get your roof inspected by professional once in a year, so that you are able to maintain your roof in the best condition.