Crime is constantly on the rise in many of the cities. One of the major contributions to the alarming rise in the crime rate might be due to the economic condition of the city. Recession in the recent years has led to a lot of unemployment. Lack of steady jobs or good income makes people especially the youth to resort to committing crimes.

Bringing Down the Crime Rates in Memphis City

There needs to be proper law enforcement in place to monitor the crime rates in the city. Here is where BI came up with a crime reporting system known as the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR).

This program helps to collect statistics of all types of crime in the city. Severe cases of crime such as murder, rape, manslaughter, and arson are considered as Part 1 offense. Now, you might wonder how this tool has helped Memphis control their crime rate. Memphis city has an organization known as the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission.

This commission consists of law enforcement and communities that try to find ways to solve all types of violent crimes in the city. The office is located in Suite 400, Memphis, Tennessee. If you check click on, you can find the current crime rate statistics of Memphis along with the crime trends and neighbor watch groups.

The Shelby Commission has come up with an operation called Safe Community. This community comprises of 5 major goals which include:

  • Community involvement to prevent crimes
  • Having the right enforcements in place to prevent street crimes
  • Improve the intervention programs for repeated offenders
  • Having the right enforcements in place to prevent domestic violence
  • Come up with strict enforcement for juvenile crimes

The citizens of Memphis are also not far behind when it comes to monitoring the crime rates in their city. They have come up with a local organization known as Freedom from Unnecessary Negatives (FFUN). This organization targets social issues such as alcohol, drugs, crime, and lack of education and helps to increase awareness about the negative impact through prevention and intervention methods.

The organization regularly holds workshops, seminars and counseling services for those, in need which turn can instill positive behavior in them.

Innovative and Creative Measures Undertaken

One of the best ways to eliminate a problem is to nip it in the bud. If you check statistics or news, crime generally happens in isolated neighborhoods. Memphis has come up with a great initiative to resolve such issues.

One such initiative is MEMFix that offers a set of community events for people to make isolated streets or neighborhoods lively either through street art, market places or pop up stores. The second initiative is MEMMobile which are mobile boutiques allowing retail owners to promote their goods and services to the customers.

In this initiative, each business owner will be granted a forgivable loan and will be partnered with any local artist or designer or mobile unit.


Simple and small precautions by law enforcement and the community can help every city monitor their crime rates and lower them. Any small effort made by you can help make your city a safe and better place to live in.