To find good quality tile installer in Sydney can often be a difficult exercise particularly, if you are looking for an installer for any handmade tiles, as it needs a lot of patience as well as many years of experience.

You can certainly find a suitable tilers Sydney, if you are a little patient and follow certain guidelines. Following are few tips provided in order to look for a right installer for bathroom tiles.

  • Ask for quotation from minimum 3 companies

Never select your bathroom tile installer after discussing with a single company. You may discuss with quite a few of them and short list minimum 3 companies whom you think can meet your requirements.

Each of them may have certain plus points that you need to evaluate and also you must check their offers to know how competitive they are. Make sure that you will get what you are exactly looking for.

  • Ask for references

If you have short listed few installers of bathroom tiles then it will be prudent to ask them for few references of their past clients. This will give you an opportunity to discuss with them and learn how was their experience while working with them.

You may also check the work done by them and satisfy yourself whether you will get the right finish that you are imagining for your bathroom.

  • Look for an experienced company

It is very important that a tile installer that you are selecting must have enough experience. They must have minimum 3 years of experience of doing this kind of work.

Resist to choose a company who may offer a very low price, as quality of work will be very important. Getting a shabby job done by an inexperienced tile installer to save some money will make you regret your decision for many years.

  • Find any licensed installer

Make sure that the tile installer you are going to choose is a licensed one which will ensure that you will get quality job. The installer must be a member of any professional body of his profession.

Such installer regularly gets training and are updated with all the latest techniques for tile installation.

  • Request for a picture of any completed project

You can also ask your tile installer to show pictures of the completed projects which is done by them. If you look closely at the picture then you can always tell whether the work has been done by a good installer or a great one.

It is necessary that all tiles must have even spacing as well as laid in perfectly straight lines. Also, pay attention to doors, windows and corners, as all these places are usually the trickiest places, which will give you a good indication about the skill level of the tile installer.

  • Make sure about professionalism

After having discussion with the tile installer and also with their past clients, you must get enough feel about the professionalism of the company.

Check whether they reply your email in timely manner and how they respond when you call them on phone.