Roof of a house or any building plays a pivotal role in protecting and keeping safe people living or working inside the building. Unfortunately, however strong roof you may have built it is subjected to wear and tear as it faces extreme climatic conditions and of course ages out. When you realize your roof is giving some problems the first thing you do is identify the issue. Only then you can decide whether the roof needs repair, replacement or restoration.

Here are the things you need to do to identify the major signs:

  • Observe the inside part of the roof.
    • Standing inside the building check whether any dark spots are there or you can see any signs of leakage. There are leakage spots means water is damaging the roof. If you spot such things then be assured your roof needs only repairing. However, if you find several leakage spots in all rooms, it is best to think of restoring the roof.
  • Check the outside part of the roof.
    • Need to watch any loose material is hanging out like the chimney, vent, pipes and other material on your roof.
    • Check the corners and the roof valleys for any sign of wear and tear.
    • Accumulation of water on your roof.
    • Presence of mold and wet patches.
    • Broken or worn out shingles or tiles moved out of place.
    • Watch out for damaged gutter and pipes.

All are clear signs that restoration is required and if water clogging is found in several parts of the roof, it is best to replace the whole roof otherwise it may damage the structure of the building as well.

The other indications pointing to replace the roof:

  • Sagging of the roof – It happens due to wear and tear of the roof material and also because of water is getting clotted in the inner layer of the roof. It will be wise to restore the part of the roof or replace fully.
  • Flashing seems to be broken or damaged – While you identify the damage in earlier stages, it can be restored otherwise you need to change the whole flashing material and rebuild them.
  • Age of the roof matters a lot – Building standing upright for twenty years or above need replacement as the material used will be surely worn out. Hence, in such cases it is better to restore the whole part of the roof.
  • There are gaps in between the ceiling and the roof – It is a sure sign that you need to restore the roof immediately otherwise you will be facing grave damage.
  • Corrosion observed on the metal fitting of the roof – That wholly happens due to presence of water on them or nearby roof area. It will be best to hire good roof restorer highly credible in your region to solve the roof issues.

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