If you’re lucky enough to live in the Bay area of California, you know how spectacular the homes are, whether you live in a classic Victorian or something more modern. The interior of your home should be just as spectacular as the exterior, and in most cases, that means hiring an interior designer to help bring your vision to life. You want to use a company who can help you with all aspects of the design, while keeping your taste and personality in mind. It takes a true professional to create an interior that is cosmopolitan and inviting at the same time. A lot of people claim to be designers, so you need to thoroughly interview a company who offers San Francisco interior design.

What Is Important

You want to employ a company who has years of experience in the design of residences in your area. A quick check of their website should have multiple photos of jobs that have been completed, and multiple reviews from satisfied customers. The company should be able and capable of creating a juxtaposition of sculptural modern furniture and accessories with classic antiques for variety and interest. A good interior designer should be able to lay out a logical footprint for each room and manage the space to create maximum impact. While keeping the owners’ personality in mind, they should create a mix of textiles, furnishings, lighting, and accessories for each room. The designer should welcome the input from you and your vision, and you should insist on being involved in the selection of all items. You should have the final say in what stays and what goes. The designer should be able to show you several various designs for each space and work with you to create the best possible design that matches your home and your lifestyle. A good interior designer might have had their work featured in niche magazines like Architectural Digest or Traditional Home, and should be a member of the local business community. Whether your look is classic or cutting edge, the designer should be able to show you portfolios of each type of design services, and help you create a look that exactly matches your style and personality. These are a few questions to ask when searching for a company who offers San Francisco interior design