You must have definitely heard about microblading by now, and how it is gaining popularity around the globe. Well, if you haven’t, microblading is a tattooing technique in which hair-like strokes is created to fill in thinning or sparse eyebrows. The technique intends on giving you flawless full eyebrows, without the use of expensive brow gels and pencils. However, this doesn’t mean that microblading is less expensive. After all, it usually costs around $500 to $1600.

Now, if you have already started looking for eyebrow tattoo in Tampa, we recommend you do a little homework. To help you get started, here we have mentioned 5 things you must know about microblading before you go for it.

Top 5 things to know about microblading

  1. It is not like normal body tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing is not like normal tattooing and is pretty much superficial in nature. The device used for tattooing on eyebrows, don’t penetrate deep in the skin, but mostly works on the surface. Besides, the ink used in the process is degradable. Your immune system will push out the pigmentation as well as digest ink. So, it is easy to understand that it will fade over time. Depending on your skin and lifestyle, you can expect it to last for 1 to 3 years. Also, it requires regular touchup, say once or twice a year. This is even the best part about the procedure, as you will not be stuck with the eyebrows, in case you don’t like how they turned out.

  1. It will at least take two sittings

Most individuals need to go through two sessions. In the first session, the eyebrows are done, then they are called in after a month or so for final touchup. Skin type is different in every individual. So, if your skin is pushing out the ink, there are chances that hair-like strokes made in the process will not be as visible as we want them to be.

  1. The process is not painless

We are discussing a tattooing procedure on your face, so you cannot expect it to be painless. Nevertheless, your microblading artist can use some numbing agent to make the process less painful and comfortable for you.

  1. Your eyebrows will definitely not look identical

If till date you were thinking that your eyebrows are twins, well they are definitely not. This is extremely important for you to understand, and thus have realistic expectation from the procedure. There are many reasons behind this like your eyebrows are not equidistant from the bridge of your nose, and so the starting point is different for both the eyebrows.

  1. Eyebrows will lighten within a week or two

When you will see your eyebrows after the first session, be prepared it will be insanely dark, but don’t panic. Your eyebrows will look darker during the healing process, but once that period passes (a week) they will get about 50% to 75% lighter.

Lastly, don’t be afraid if you don’t like how your eyebrows turned out, because they are completely fixable. Microblading artist is, after all, a human being, and thus it is very much possible that he/she might make a mistake. However, since correctional work is possible, don’t worry, and don’t hold yourself back from trying out this amazing process.