A Las Vegas weekend is thrilling but if you are planning a car trip then driving around this city is challenging. As per a report, Las Vegas accident rates are 17% higher than the national average. Just like you obey traffic rules in your state, similarly it has to be done when you drive on the streets of Las Vegas.

You don’t wish to get costly traffic violation tickets in Las Vegas or end up in a terrible car accident. Traffic rules differ according to jurisdiction. If you are new then here are some Las Vegas driving tips

On road rules

  • Speed limit – In Las Vegas, the speed limit is based on road stretch. On Major highways, the speed limit is 70 MPH. On major local roadways including Tropicana Avenue, you need to maintain 45 MPH speed limit, whereas on small roads go slow around 25 to 35 MPH. Be proactive, check road speed limits and never drive very fast. In Southern Nevada speed accidents are major issues. Sometimes, even the set speed limit is too fast for driving safe in Las Vegas.
  • Right on red light turns – It’s legal in certain jurisdictions. However, follow certain criteria like coming to a complete stop, check for pedestrians or oncoming traffic and even read the posted signs that indicate unlawful maneuvers.
  • U-turns – Some spots prohibit U-turns but you can see the signs posted, so comply with it. Drivers also need to ensure that U-turns are made in a safe way.

Drunk driving laws

Las Vegas has a joyous and fun atmosphere but driving drunk can increase the risk of an accident. Every year, 80 people get killed in the DUI accidents, while several hundred get severely injured in DUI car crashes. The best thing is to never drive after consuming alcohol. The down side can be getting arrested, loss of driving privileges, huge penalties, escalated insurance premiums and possible jail. Worse conditions are when you possibly destroy someone’s or your life in major car crashes. Nevada State legal limits for blood alcohol concentration [BAC] are based on several factors like alcohol quantity and amount of time passed as well as your weight. For –

  1. Licensed drivers below 21 years – 0.02.
  2. Commercial drivers – 0.04.
  3. Licensed drivers 21 years and more – 0.08.

If you have had a couple of drinks then it is hard to detect without advanced equipment. The wise thing is not to get behind the wheel after you’ve had some drinks. The risk is not worth it.

Other information to consider in advance

If you are new then make sure to get guidebooks and maps to find useful information like where to park or nearby gas stations. You can even get details about tow companies in case there is a need for your car may have some issue in startups. It is wise to hire rental companies, while on vacation in Las Vegas.

You can even look for a reliable lawyer like naqvilaw.com in advance, so that in case of need like car accidents or personal injury they can be called instantly. They are professionals and experienced in handling accident cases in Las Vegas.