Rats or mice may infest your home if they find a convenient place for hiding and easy availability of food.

In such case, you may call Pointe Pest Control who provides best treatment to get rid of rats. However, there are chances that you may find rats again after some time. It is also possible that you may not initially be very sure whether rats are still there in your house.

Therefore, in this post, we shall tell you about few important signs that you need to check so that you can be reasonably sure about their presence once again in your premises.

  1. Notice any rodent droppings

Usually, if droppings are fresh then it will be dark and moist, which will eventually dry out and become old. Droppings can be found near drawers or cupboards, food packages, under sinks and along the rodent runways.

You can find the highest number of droppings where these rodents may be nesting or feeding. Therefore, inspect all the areas around new-found droppings in order to check if there is an active infestation still present.

  1. Can find gnaw marks

Latest gnaw marks are little lighter in the color and as they age, it may become darker. They can be seen on structure of the house or food packaging.

If color marks found are lighter, it is an indication of continuing infestation. Seeing marks, you know whether they are rats or mice. Any larger gnaw marks shall be produced by larger rat teeth.

So, by seeing much larger size gnaw marks, you can conclude that you may have rats now and also you have new infestation.

  1. Foul odor at some place

Your pet cats and dogs will become excited and active in areas where these rodents are present. They can easily sense the odor of these rodents.

If you find your pets pawing at certain area where it had no interest before, then get a flashlight to examine the area closely for mice or rats.

If it is large infestation, then you too can detect stale smell coming out of hidden areas, and indicating active infestation.

  1. Can find tracks and runways

In case rodents are presently active in your home, then their tracks and runways will   be distinctive, and as time passes will become fainter.

By having flashlight or blacklight holding at an angle to the suspected area, you can detect tracks or runways.

If you suspect certain area is frequented by rodents, then place very thin flour layer or baby powder. In case rodents are present, you can see their trail marks in the powder.

  1. You find nests

Usually rodents will often use materials like fabric, shredded paper or dried plant pieces or other matters to create their nests.

In case these areas are also found and have many other signs of very latest presence such as fresh droppings, odor, gnawing or tracks then it is very likely that still there is an infestation present in your home.

In case, you do not find any of the above signs then probably there is no infestation of rats in your house.