Due to its versatility and simplicity, tote bags have become the first choice for many women. You can get personalized bags from several branded designers to make your personal style statement. They are available in great variety of wearable materials to suit your requirements.

A tote bag is a quite large bag that is suitable to carry plenty of stuff. The main purpose behind designing such a bag was to provide an easy carryall, especially for the shopping days. A canvas tote bag is prepared using linen or cotton. The same material used to manufacture tote bags is found in the backpacks, tents, sails and much more.

The first tote bag was invented in the 17th century. The term tote means to carry something. However, these bags did not become quite popular in the United States till 1944 when a company launched their iconic boat bag. This boat bag was much similar in design as tote bag.

Materials used

Many materials including cotton, hemp and linen has been used to manufacture such custom shopping totes. The term canvas is used to define the weave of the fabric and not the material. If a fabric is made from a tighter weave, it is known as duck canvas. Cotton is derived from cotton plant while linen is produced from flax plant. Hemp on the other hand is produced from the cannabis plant.

Earlier, canvas fabric was widely used for painting, sails and tents. It has a waterproof coating that provides great resistance from sunlight and rain. The best part of this material is it easily holds the ink from prints without flaking or blotting of the design.

As canvas is eco friendly, it is the first choice for all those who are environmentally conscience. Moreover, these bags are reusable in nature and that is the reason it supports ecosystem by reducing production of waste.

Check out the features

Most of the bags purchased from reputed stores are waterproof. However, the cheaper ones and DIY projects might not have waterproof coating over them. Make sure that you do not compromise on this feature while purchasing bags. A weather resistant bag will successfully protect all your belongings from water damage. If you have a DIY bag, it is simple to waterproof it with wax.

While waxing at home, there are several precautions you must take care of, in order to ensure a high quality wax job. Before beginning with the process, make sure that you clean the bag and check if the material has any loose strings or debris. You could wash the bag and then let it dry completely for some time. You could perform the waxing process in a well-ventilated area like a garage or a yard. This will help in diluting the strong smell of wax.

You will need certain tools for a smooth process including a cup of water, hairdryer, paintbrush and a lump of wax. Before beginning with the process, do not forget to do a spot test first.