The term suspension is used for a system of springs, shock absorbers and the various linkages that help in connecting a vehicle to its wheels. It does the task of preventing road shocks and provides a comfortable ride.

The stability of an automobile is maintained while pitching and rolling effects.  Most of the people are not bothered about the suspension of their car, they develop certain myths related to the lowering of suspension of a vehicle.

The use of a lowered suspension is not only to provide a good look to your vehicle but also a smoother ride. Visit to gain information about the products and services which they offer, as it provides support for all types of automobile services, alignment kits, etc.

Advantages of Lowered Suspension

A lowered suspension is responsible for maintaining good aerodynamics. As less air goes under the vehicle. Some of the sportier models of the car are a little bit lower to the ground. The car handling improves because the vehicle is low to the ground, so tires make an excellent grip on the ground. The automobile can be saved from the rolling as it is close to the ground. It also provides greater comfort to the drivers.

There are misconceptions related to the lowering of suspensions and these are as follows:

  • New factory Shocks Do Not Work with Lowered Springs – The suspension is lowered only an inch, so these can work properly. Some of the spring sets are designed in such a manner that it works well with the original suspension of the vehicle.
  • Need of A Costly Alignment Kit to Put Lowering Springs – But the real fact is that there is no need for an alignment kit. If the suspension is lowered a little bit, the need for an alignment kit does not arise. You do not have to worry about the extra cost of the kit.
  • It Gives an Uneven Ride on Your Car – It is a myth that lowering results in having a rough ride. But, most of the drivers think that their ride gets smooth after lowering of suspension.
  • Lowering Springs Sag Fast – The spring sets come with a warranty, so there is no need of worrying about sagging. Rollover risk can be avoided due to low suspension.
  • Lowering Involves Extra Cost – The expenses are not much and these are the same, as the cost involved in installing the lowering springs. A car accessory store can be visited to buy these automobile accessories where you get the lowering stuff at a reasonable cost.


Lowering of suspension of a vehicle means that your vehicle sits closer to ground. It has safety advantages and rolling of the vehicle can be avoided. However, before you plan to implement, it is better to take advice of a trained mechanic for the same. So that the work is done properly and you experience a comfortable and good driving experience in your car.