Customized printed tote bags serve as a powerful and reusable tool to suit branding needs of a business. It is a great way to be incorporated in the existing or new promotional campaign for trade shows, storefronts, direct mail, public events, conventions and giveaways. In this article, we are going to learn about the varied uses, and potential of implementing customized printed tote bags in your marketing and branding campaigns.

Effortless publicity of your business

Just like other promotional items such as customized pen, t-shirts, notebook, drinkware, and desk items, custom tote bags serve as an affordable promotional tool that doesn’t need a lot of effort and returns wonderful results.

You can either sell them or give them out to your potential customers after finding an appropriate company that supplies you with branded products. Once this is done, your customers will carry out all the marketing work from there.

Guerrilla Marketing

This advertising methodology makes use of affordable and contemporary marketing that aims at capturing people’s attention, and thus generating outcome. In this strategy, you need to fill your personalized tote bags with coupons, flyers, and swag. Now get a megaphone, and locate a gathering of people.

When you say the word “FREE” loudly via the megaphone, you will find people coming to you. If your spontaneous presentation drives interest in them, then you can even attract people to snap, post and share this branding event to social media.

Direct Mail 

In place of a simple flyer, you can also include a customized tote bag branded with your company name and logo via direct mail. Such functional and intelligent business marketing products when gets added to the direct mail campaign enhance response percentages in a significant way.


Donations are another way of which customized tote bags can give a boost to the marketing efforts of your business. You need to locate a reputable charitable company or non-profit organization in your neighborhood to assist in their clothing or food drive.

Your business will benefit by being a part of this charitable move. When your custom tote bags are distributed to people, your business’s name will spread among recipients. It will even boost any media intervention to gain attention as a marketing stunt.

How to custom print your tote bags?

To make your product compelling, you need to understand that the value of any promotional material is calculated by several standards.

There are mainly 3 reasons that influence people to keep their promotional items. These are “fun”, “trendy” and “functional”. You need to ensure that your bag falls into these three categories to make a powerful impact on customers.

Ensure that the message mentioned on your tote bags is properly customized to fulfill the requirements of almost all businesses. Ensure that you do it creatively, so that it adds value, and attracts attention from people.


Handing out these influential products will enhance your marketing goals tenfold. So, if your organization wants to reap all the above-mentioned marketing benefits, they should adopt these promotional bags to make their marketing strategy powerful and impactful.