Colocation is seen as an ideal technology solution for firms that are in need of a stable environment. It provides a service to store, secure and maintains electronic assets but don’t want to take any responsibility towards maintaining it.

There are several colocation service providers, but they are not created equally. In this post, we have provided a list of questions to choose the right colocation service provider.

Where are your data centers located?

These are the basic and very important question that you must ask. It can provide you a lot of critical information. The information that you get, will assist you in determination of who should you trust for your valuable business assets. It is important to choose the one that is located nearby to your office.

This will help you to quickly reach to your concerned data center to perform maintenance, upgrade software and hardware, and installation of servers. The nearer the company is located, the more you are going to save on travel expense and time. Also, you need to ensure that the location of a colocation service provider is free from any kind of natural and man-made disasters.

Is the data center certified and meets compliance needs?

You need to ask the colocation service provider about security certifications. Check whether or not they fulfill compliance requirements. Best Atlanta data center is certified by autonomous auditors. Check the certification should include an onsite visit to data center location that will help claims to get certified.

Certifications include efficient dealing with client data in the data center and compliance needs for controlled industries that include financial services, legal, healthcare, etc. Some types of certifications are SOC 2, SSAE-18 Type II, PCI DSS, ISAE 3402, and HIPAA. These security standards ensure the integrity, security and confidentiality of business data.

What type of network security and physical measures you provide to businesses?

It is required to separate the security measures for the network infrastructure from the physical structure. They both are important but are a lot different in nature.

Physical Security:

It is related to the physical structure of a data center and the security aspects of the property that lies outside the building. This includes cameras provided at the premises of the building for effective monitoring of business.

It should enable the security staff professional to effectively evaluate these perimeters in real-time basis. Ask whether the building access regulations allow you to access data centers outside of their normal business hours. Ask the type of identification (fingerprint, a badge or palm reading) that your facility needs to access the cabinet or suite.

Network Security:

It is needed that your colocation service provider provides several security measures to safeguard the building networks. Ask what will happen if someone gains remote access to the network. Learn about the levels and types of encryption that is supported by a facility.


Colocation is an essential need for every business. At the time of performing an interview, you must ask these important questions to find the right provider that meets your specific needs.