Taking your pooch with you on a daily walk, a hike, or a swim? They’ll need vests for their safety. From a harness and service dog vest to a reflective one, here’s a short list made for your canine bud for every terrain, activity, and season.

Life Jacket

If you and your Fido are out for a boat ride or any activity on the sea, lake, or river, let them wear a life jacket. It’s made of foam and lightweight neoprene to help keep pooches in their natural swimming position. It also has a top handle so you can easily fetch themfrom the water.

Winter Coat

Some dogs may have developed a natural resistance to cold weather, which small, short-haired, and hairless breeds don’t have. If beastly bud belongs to the last three groups, or if they’re sensitive to the cold or have any health limitations, clothe them withwater- and snow-proof polyester coats or jacketslined with fleece to keep them dry and warm.


These are commonly used by working canines who are part of the military or police forces. You might also be looking for a service dog vest for sale. Harnesses are among the most versatile types. They’re made of breathable nylon with mesh padding, and they have handles and metal leash clips in the front and back, so you have better control.

Hunting Vest

This waterproof apparel is recommended for hunting hounds. It has a layer of flannel that provides comfort and warmth, especially in low-temperature areas. It’s designed to keep them visible to their owners and other hunters and to protect their skin from abrasion.

Reflective Vest

This stands out among the others; it lights up and is visible from half a mile away! This is more than an aesthetic feature, though. With their pooches in a reflective vest, owners can easily spot them if they stray a bit. Put one on your dog when they join you on an early morning run or an evening walk in the park.

Those are just a few of the vests your canine friend can wear wherever you go and whatever you do together. Remember to get their girth, length, and neck measurements before purchasing a service dog vest or any kind of clothing they need! Taking them to a dog clothing manufacturer for a professional fitting is the best option.