The practical driving test was a pressure to pass, so is the theory test. The statistics reveal that majority fail their theory test at the first attempt. The next time they prepare themselves and pass. If you are planning to give it the first time then below are some effective tips to succeed. It does not matter if you are reappearing for the theory test these tips will help you to attain good scores.

Book the test online

The first step is to book your theory test today at the nearest center. You just visit the official site to locate a closest center. Ensure to have your debit or credit card and provisional license handy. It will be needed to fill the form and make payments.

  • How to prepare for theory test?

Read the books

You will have to answer 50 MCQs out of which 43 has to be correct for passing. Fortunately, DVSA has published a handbook, which includes example questions and useful tips associated with the theory test. Get the book and read it thoroughly a couple of times.

Sharpen hazard spotting skills

After the MCQ section, you will have to give the hazard spotting test. It has video clips that feature different driving hazards. Online you will get plenty of information related to hazard perception. Look at the interactive video clips to sharpen your road scanning skills to identify disruptions and look out for pedestrians or cyclists.

Tip – Complete minimum 20 hours theory revision to ensure that you are totally prepared for the final test.

Revision is the mantra

Revision is the only solution there is no replacement. Theory test questions get chosen at random. For answering confidently, it is crucial to read and re-read the theory test handbook. It holds 1000 possible questions!

For the hazard perception section, you will need to obtain at least 44 marks out of 75 to pass. Take quiz rounds from family and friend. Practice giving answers under pressure. Real test time allows 57 minutes for solving 50 questions!

Tip – Download theory test app, so you get to practice on the go.

Take mock test

When you feel you are prepared for the theory test then take a mock test. There are several online sites offering mock up tests. Mock test offers a chance to recognize your weaknesses and resolve it. If you don’t feel confident then it is best to do some extra revision.

  • On the theory test day

Reach little early

Make sure to reach the center half an hour early prior the scheduled timing, so as to reduce the test stress.

Carry your provisional driving license photocard because it is obligatory. You will not be allowed to sit for the test and there will be no refund.

Use practice time

Around 15 minutes are given to get used to touch screen as well as question layout. If you find something not working properly then raise it prior test starts.

Flag tricky question

In 57 minutes, you will need to answer 50 MCQs. If you find a tricky question then flag it, which you can easily get back to prior the test ends.

Take a break

There is 3-minute break prior the hazard perception test. Have a quick stretch and then concentrate on the next section.

Follow these tips and you will definetely succeed in your theory test!