We all love donuts but not many of us are aware of the history behind them. Donuts are primarily divided into two categories namely yeast and cake. To prepare cake doughnut, sweetened dough is used that is leavened with baking powder.

It is further extruded into the oil to complete the cooking process. It is a firm dessert that has soft and cake like interior but a crunchy exterior. There is variety of cake donuts available in the market including chocolate, apple cider, glaze and old-fashioned ones.

Yeast donuts are the classic ones that are prepared from yeast dough. They are cut into ring like shape before being fried to golden. They are airy and much lighter in weight. you can expect a yeast like flavor and slight chewiness while having them.

If you are buying yeast donuts, you are actually paying for a lot of air. While preparing them, if they are overfilled or over glazed, they could taste a little too sweet. People have their preferences when it comes to cake or yeast.

Every one of us believes that donuts selling brands like donuts Conroe TX rule the dessert world. Be it chocolate ones, jam filled, powdered sugar coated, mango glazed or even the classic glazed donuts, we love them all. However, if you want to have an amazing donut eating experience, make sure that you choose a good and reputed manufacturer for the same.

Choose a good brand

Not all donut selling restaurants make outstanding donuts. They need to be perfectly browned, fluffy, and not too sweet and must have a chewy texture. If we go back to the history, original donuts are always the yeast ones. They are invented by Dutch who specialized in make oily cakes or what they called as olykoeks in 17th century.

Approximately 200 years later, Elizabeth of England transformed this dessert. She used to give fried dough to her son for his long voyages. She experimented with dough and used to stuff it with nuts, rinds, spices and even fruits. The history of doughnuts is not much colorful.

The cake doughnuts are originated from the United States. They were even there at the time of World War I. Some people prefer cake over yeast because it is more versatile to experiment. You can add different flavorings in the batter.

Donut making methods

There are different ways to prepare donuts but experts believe that the best way to prepare them is from hands using wholesome ingredients. The perfectly fried ones are known to give gentlest chew. If you wish to make donuts, try to prepare the dough a day before you fry them. This way the dough can easily ferment in the refrigerator. It needs at least 6 hours to rise properly.

However, longer you keep the dough idle, better the results you will achieve. Next day add rest of the ingredients into the batter so that it is ready for frying. It will take 30 minutes to prepare the batter which will include approximately 15 minutes for the yeast to proof.

Humidity also plays a key role while preparing the dough for donuts. You must not expect the same result every time but certain variables can make them quite delicious. You need to supervise the fermenting process for better results. The final dough will be kept in an oiled bowl at the room temperature for around half an hour. It is covered with a greased plastic wrap so that the dough does not form a skin.