The word “refurbished” can scare people away pretty quickly, especially when it comes to electronics. Most are afraid that it means there is something wrong with the product or that it will only last a few months before breaking down completely. But, that isn’t really the case. Many refurbished electronics are in fantastic condition. One type of electronic device you can purchase refurbished is a laptop. You can walk down the street or browse the internet and see an ad that reads, “refurbished Dell laptops for sale,” and either shy away or be intrigued by the deal. Either way, you should know what a refurbished laptop is and how it differs from new and used laptops.


Parts inside the laptop are the biggest components of any laptop. The hardware can determine how good or bad of quality the laptop is. New laptops will obviously come with brand new hardware and will run optimally for as long as they can. Used laptops, on the other hand, have already blown through some of their lifespans and if the previous owner ran the laptop fairly hard, it isn’t going to last too long. Refurbished laptops are more of a middle ground. They have been cleaned up and any parts that were going bad have been replaced. They will not be perfectly new, but they will certainly be better than a used laptop.


Software only differs in two ways. You either get newly installed software, or you don’t. New and refurbished laptops will come with freshly installed software and there will not be any random software installed on the computer that isn’t specified when you purchase the laptop. Used laptops that are not being purchased through a company can be vastly different. The previous owners may not wipe the computer and install everything freshly. You could open up the laptop and find you can’t access it at all without the previous owner’s password or you could open it and find all sorts of remaining software and files.


Price varies depending on the hardware and features of the computer. New laptops are always more expensive when compared to a laptop that has the same specifications but has been refurbished. You can find amazing deals on laptops in this way. Used laptops are always the cheapest options, but as you don’t always know what you are getting, the cost could be far more than the worth of the laptop in its current condition.

So now you know, you don’t have to shy away from the ad that reads, refurbished Dell laptops for sale. You can walk into that store or click on that link and find yourself a fantastic deal.