An adult who gets injured by a dog bite definitely needs to seek professional assistance. There are several benefits of taking professional assistance. In this post, we are going to see how important it is to seek help of an expert attorney and the benefits that you receive from it.

No upfront cost

There are several reputed lawyers who would take your case without charging you any upfront cost. You are only liable to pay them at the successful and favorable resolution of the case. Experienced dog bite attorney provides guide and fundamental evidence to insurance adjuster firms that make the process shorter, error-less and easy to deal.

Higher possibility to get more claim amount

It has been observed that less than one percent of dog bite victims are compensated by the state laws. Despite coverage offered for home insurance, many of the dog bite cases go uncompensated and unreported. So, without any good attorney, a victim gets a very less chance to get justice.

When you take help of an insurance adjuster, he will provide not more than 10% to 20% of the compensation amount what a victim would get when he appoints an attorney for his case. The insurer will keep the remaining 80% to 90% of the amount to himself. As an attorney performs his duties on contingency basis, he takes just 33%, and the victim will receive 66% of the amount.

Effective representation of the case

Individuals who deal with their case on their own often fail to represent effectively in front of the judge. When you hire an experienced attorney, you can be rest assured of the most impactful and influential representation of your case.

They know the best ways to present a legal case to an insurer so that your claim is settled soon without going to the court. It has been seen that nearly 98% of cases that involves bodily injury is settled out of the court. So, hiring an attorney simplifies the process of case resolution.

Specialized knowledge and expert skills

When you seek assistance of a reputed attorney, you gain access to his specialized knowledge that proves to be very beneficial at the time of dealing with the case. As an inexperienced person, it can become a lot difficult to prove your loss of income victim and future capacity to earn money. This is a specialized topic among attorneys, and they know the best way to deal with it.

These lawyers make proper documentation and arrangement of evidence like lost income proof from the employer that shows that the victim failed to resume job and earn due to the injury. They get all the fundamental information pertaining to the case about the hours and days lost, and proof related to fringe benefits, work reviews and causation.


So, we have seen that there are several good reasons to seek a lawyer to fight for your dog bite claim. Their years of experience and vast knowledge will definitely help in getting you the best settlement and favorable verdict.