Various supply considerations and aircraft support equipment for destination airports will be the most important pre-trip issues for planning particularly if you are operating in any airports with remote or secondary/domestic.

Following are the checklist items which should never neglect. You may also refer to National Stock Number catalog for any special requirement for parts for any of the equipment.

     1. Fuel availability

Fuel checking is very important and must confirm fuel availability, types of fuel, hydrant fuel, number of fuel trucks present on the airfield.

At some airports fuel is pumped from certain barrels while at few locations, it may be totally impossible to bring the fuel.

     2. Tow-bars

In certain locations, e.g. airports in Brazil or India, you need operators to get a tow-bar onboard prior to confirming aircraft parking. However, in other places, you will need a tow-bar just to depart from the assigned parking stand.

Hence depending upon the case, necessary arrangements are to be done for tow-bars.

   3. Ground power

You must be aware about ground power availability especially if any local restriction is in force about using auxiliary power unit.

Few airports permit use of an auxiliary power unit at certain times but in other locations, you are allowed for few minutes only after landing or prior to takeoff.

   4. Air-stairs, lifts and baggage loaders

There are always requirements for external stairs for large or widebody aircraft. The availability at every destination may vary and hence either you have to arrange for bringing stairs from outside airport or choose a different airport.

Similarly, you must check the availability of lifts for catering delivery and baggage belt loaders etc.

   5. Ladders and other miscellaneous supplies

For larger aircraft, it is necessary to have appropriate ladders. Quite often destination airport may not provide the same so you may have to bring on your own.

In the same way, there can be number of other miscellaneous supplies needed for certain special aircrafts which need to be planned in advance before taking off.

   6. Oxygen availability

At many destinations, oxygen can be very difficult to source because of various local restrictions, or handler storage capabilities.

At few locations, as an example, local suppliers can replenish oxygen for certain scheduled commercial airlines only but not for any transient general aviation equipment.

   7. Required additives

Often there is a need for fuel additives, that may not be obtainable at all the locations. In case you need this, then it must be confirmed in advance.

You may also bring such additives from another location too. It will be always better to check all these in advance.

   8. Cabin disinfectants

For certain regions like India, Australia and few parts of Africa, you need to treat cabin with insecticide spray before landing.

In certain places, getting such disinfectants from the location can be difficult due to local restrictions about chemicals.

In some cases, probably you have to halt at additional places to pick up such disinfectant spray for later use.

    9. Deicing fluids

It is important to confirm for winter operations for not only the availability of deicing fluid but also the type of products. This is because in parts of Russia these fluids may be corrosive for aircraft paint.