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Swiss luxury watch brands are among the most popular in the world. You could argue whether Swiss chocolate is the best or Belgian but when it comes to Swiss luxury watches there is no debate whatsoever. Every luxury watch brand originating from or now based in Switzerland is a bestseller. Obviously, these watches don’t sell in millions because they are rare and often some models are limited editions but their popularity is always at the acne.

Not all Swiss luxury watch brands had been founded by the Swiss. Designers hail from all across Europe and beyond, so do the founders and present chief executives or watchmakers. But the Swiss heritage is common. It is this Swiss heritage and the ever evolving technology that set them aside. Let us explore why Swiss luxury watch brands are so popular.

  • The first reason is craftsmanship. We all know Swiss luxury watches would outlive us. They would outlive generations if cared for and maintained well. There are watches in the world passed down for generations, dating back hundreds of years when they were first made. Be it the durability or reliability, sturdiness or design, the timekeeping technology or the various components inside and on a Swiss luxury watch, it all boils down to the craftsmanship. There are very few people who make Switch luxury watches. The brands that have a global presence and seem to have a towering fortune in their reserves don’t have too many people working on the design or the making of the watches. Add to the craftsmanship the fact that most Swiss luxury watch brands actually make handmade watches. The components are handcrafted, created manually and the sheer labor makes them precious pieces. The mass produced versions are not as expensive or treasured.
  • The second element of Swiss luxury watches is the bejeweled design. Most Swiss luxury watch brands use jewels. From gold to diamond, gemstones to other precious metals, the brands go all out making the watches and people go all out buying them. Even the chrome or stainless steel, the leather or the glass that is used in a Swiss luxury watch is of the best quality.
  • Finally, it is the sentiment associated with Swiss luxury watches. Most bestselling products in the world are technically the best among the competing products but they are also captivating emotionally. Just as, people feel strongly for a Ferrari or iPhone, luxury yacht or rubies, they are as much about quality as they are about the emotional appeal.