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There comes a time when one might need to send the laptop for repair as it starts giving trouble while operating, some of the functions might just stop working, or the laptop might get frozen and just won’t start. Any of these issues might want you to see a laptop repair shop. The market has end number of repairers who can help one to get the best of the repairing services. They have experienced technicians who can help the users to have best of the parts as well as services at much cost-effective rates.

But before you hand over the laptop to the technician, there are a few precautions to be taken for the safety of your computer and security of the data stored on your laptop. The laptop is a technical device which usually a common user does not know, and hence it is much important to know that the person who is going to repair your laptop is experienced one and knows all about it. What you need to do depend on the center you are sending the laptop for repair, whether it is an authorized dealer and you can trust them.

Here’s a look at what you need to do before sending the laptop for computer repairs Auckland:

  1. Most of the technicians will want your login password. If there is no need to boot your laptop to the windows desktop for repairing, there is no need to share your password with him. He can test the device by booting it till the windows login screen appears, which is enough for testing.
  2. To wipe out everything from the disk, there is no need to format the operating system. You can let the antivirus software and Windows operating system as it is without formatting.
  3. You can uninstall as many other software as you want based on your convenience which consists of settings, history, used data and the likes.
  4. As far as your internet browsers are concerned, log out of all the online accounts and delete your browsing history.

You can take a backup of the browser passwords or favorites in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and chrome and then uninstall the browser before sending Laptop screen repair Auckland.

  1. Take all the backup of data and files on a safe external drive. You can either backup the files manually or make use of free backup software and save the data to an external drive.
  2. Once you take the backup of the files and data, make use of software to erase the complete data permanently. You can also shred the data wherein shredding means a technique where the hard disk is written with random characters, so the data underneath is unrecoverable.
  3. If you could not or don’t want to remove some sensitive files, and then use a file encryption software to encrypt, lock and protect the data folders with a password.
  4. Last but not the least; use any privacy and junk cleaner to delete the windows OS history completely.