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The modern age is all about technology, and the mobile phones have brought a revolution in the field of communication. The cell phone makers come up with numerous models in the last decade. Among all the makers in this arena, the iPhone from the home of Apple Inc. is a leading one. It is a fact that company spends a hefty amount behind the research of latest features for the users of these brand mobile phones. iPhone is a great choice for people who like to use luxury phones. iPhone is considered superior to Android phones by several users as iPhones have become synonymous to a brand. Though iPhone looks great and has a brand appeal, like any other product, it has its limitations too.

One should also consider iPhone Repair Company while thinking to buy an iPhone as in case of any issues a service center will only come to rescue. Here’s a look at important seven points you should know before buying an Apple iPhone:

1. iPod Accessories/ Headphones might not Work with iPhone

If your accessories don’t claim that they work with iPhone, you might be disappointed with the results your iPod headphone offer when plugged into an iPhone. Some accessories might work, but you can’t rest assure about the output. You might have to buy an adapter so that your regular headphones work with iPhone.

2. No Bluetooth

If you have a habit of transferring music, videos, and images with the help of Bluetooth, you would be disappointed with an iPhone. The iPhone doesn’t offer the Bluetooth facility for transferring data with others.

3. Not for Business Use

While the blackberry was considered as a business phone, the iPhone is disappointing for business enthusiasts. The iPhone has a different keyboard than blackberry so people in the habit of using two thumbs for typing would be in trouble.

4. Music Download

For all the music lovers, it is not possible to download music from various websites with an iPhone, and the only option is using iTunes for all the music that you want on your phone.

5. Price

The iPhone is going to cost you a bomb. The newer the version, the bigger the price you pay for it. You need to explore all the features and weight them in comparison to the price you are paying to decide if it’s worth the money.

6. Size

The iPhones offer various size variants, and one should buy as per their comfort. Usually, the ‘plus’ variants are huge and bulkier to carry with more than 5-inch screen. You can go for the basic variant with a 4.7-inch screen with is easy to maneuver.

7. Face ID

The new iPhones have eliminated the fingerprint sensor and home button and instead make use of face id to unlock the phone. It is not as convenient as placing your finger and unlocking the phone.

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