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The web player is the easiest way to listen to our live show. If we’re streaming it should play automatically but if you are having problems please refresh the page or close your browser and re-open it.

Please note that nothing will play outside of our broadcast times (Sunday evenings).

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You can listen to the show on Facebook Live on our Facebook page. There will also be a poll on Facebook as well as the chance to chat with other Palace fans about the subjects being discussed in the comments section.

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You can also listen to us on most media players. Using the buttons below you can listen on the relevant software. If these do not work try entering the following URL into the “Stream URL” section of your media player – http://holradio.net/livestream

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The beauty of doing a live radio show is the instant interaction we get from you which allows for great debate and differeing opinions. We have various outlets which we monitor throughout the show to get your thoughts aired. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we’re discussing using any of the below.

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Give us a ring when we prompt you to do so – 0208 123 66 99. Calls are charged at local rate. You will be put straight on air. Please stay silent until we ask your name. Please make sure your radio is off in the background to save any interference.

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