FIFA 17 Xbox One Tournament

Put your FIFA skills to the test with our pre-season XBOX One world cup format tournament. It’s free to enter and the winner get’s quite literally nothing but absolute pride. Register below, we’ll email to let you know if you are in the tournament and which team you were randomly selected (Premier League teams only).


  • Game Type: Online Friendly
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Half Length: Six Minutes
  • Failure to report a score following the game will result in 3-0 win to opponent
  • Four groups of four
  • Top two teams enter quarter finals
  • If the match ends in a tie, the match must be replayed until somebody wins a match
  • Video footage at the end of the match must be taken to help with any disputes further down the line. You do this by double tapping the white Xbox button then pressing ‘X’
  • Games will be played on a Wednesday or Sunday evening at 8pm – Please select best day when applying, we will go with the majority choice.
  • XBOX One only – We may run a PS4 version in the future.

Check out fixtures, standings and league information here

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